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Seeking Shalom Acres Maltese & HavaneseProud ethical breeder of Maltese & Havanese puppies carefully reared to be superior pets!
Pioneer German ShepherdsFocusing on large, healthy family companions with impressive stature and sweet temperament. Puppies occasionally available.
Vom Bullenfeld RottweilersVom Bullenfeld Rottweilers is a AKC/ADRK/FCI registered German Rottweiler breeder with 30+ years experience. We have rottweiler puppies for sale now.
Yorkshire TerriersBreeding Yorkshire Terrier Dogs can be a challenge. How to find the right Yorkie, How to take care of him and how to train your dog.
Alamo Creek KennelAlamo Creek Kennel is primarily based upon the old Yellow Creek strain. Our dogs are medium to medium/fast with great line control and hunt.
Burrinjuck LabradoodlesLabradoodle breeder located in North East Victoria
Dogs Barn | A Dog Care BlogDogs barn is a fun blog all about doggy health, training and tips.
Laneline BeaglesAKC Hunting Beagles - Yellow Creek / Dingus MacRae Bloodlines - Site Includes: Health Tips, Breeding Tips, Training Tips, Links To ALL Field Trial Schedules, Beagle History & Photo's of the All Time Great Field Trial & Hunting Beagles. Links To Much More.
The Top 100 Hunting Beagle SitesThe Top 100 Hunting Beagle Sites. Ranked 1-100. Hunting Beagle Kennels, Services Rendered, Chat & Blogs, Beagle Clubs & more. Great Place to Get Any Information Concerning the Hunting Beagle!
YorkieMagOur mission is to provide helpful information for yorkie owners. Here you will discover lots of tips, fun stories, pictures and everything related to Yorkshire terriers.
The Golden Retriever NetworkA website dedicated to Golden Retriever. LOVE, SHARE and CONNECT with Golden Retriever friends who share your passion for these amazing dogs!