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American Canine Association
An all-breed, international canine registry. Established its own conformation titles, obedience titles and also recognizes lineage and titles established and obtained by, and from, other registries and breed clubs.
Dog Registry of America, Inc.
Open to all breeds of dogs. They register over 300 breeds of dogs and breeds unrecognized by other kennel clubs. You can register your dog or kennel online.
Labrador Retriever Club
Labrador Retriever Club: Dog Breeders by State in USA, Training, Dog Breeds, Puppies For Sale! Labrador Retriever information like pictures, videos, training, behavior, care of Labradors and dog breed mixes
Pomsky Owners Association
Association of reputable pomsky owners and breeders. See our pomsky facts, find a reputable breeder and learn how to identify pomsky scams