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Dog Breeders - Menning Enterprises
Menning Enterprises is a family-owned and operated breeder and kennel in the midwest that has been in business since 1968. With over 40 years of experience, we raise puppies that are healthy and happy. Contact us today for more information.
Dogs Barn | A Dog Care Blog
Dogs barn is a fun blog all about doggy health, training and tips.
Discover Dogs
Exhibition in London, organised by The Kennel Club. Information about the exhibition, as well as about the choice, care and training of every breed of dog.
Dog Breed Information Center
Pictures, description, temperament, health problems and grooming information for all breeds. Search for breeds by size, need for exercise and specific qualities.
Dog Breeds by Group
Links to breed specific web sites, presented by DogInfomat.
Online dog encyclopedia with facts, photos, lifespan, world origins, human compatibility information, kennel club affiliations, dog size and color charts, and rescue contacts.
Dogz Online
Guide to purebred dogs in Australia, and New Zealand.
Puppy Dog Web
Information about purebred dog breeds, classified and photograph ads for pet puppies, show puppies, studs, and rescues.
Rare Breeds
Dozens of breeds from the Rare Breed Network.
The Canine Information Library
Guide to molosser breeds, guard dog breeds, bull-and-terrier breeds, bulldog breeds and lesser-known breeds. Descriptions of temperament, history, photographs, and references for each breed.

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